31. do i look like i care!? (ada aku pedulik!?)

"Failing to plan is planning to fail."

-Effie Jones

haha... ironically, i do!

i've heard this a thousand times but never had i have any idea of who's brilliant words it was. a wonder, how these 7 words clears the air. remove all hesitation, blunt and direct.

i've tried to google the image of Effie Jones but unfortunately it's such a common name and there's just a lot of Effies out there thus my apologies, i can't find the face of such a brilliant person.

if any of us knows who Effie exactly is, feel free to leave a comment, though the words itself is good enough to be shared but a little extra knowledge does no harm.

again, be reminded my friends. planing truly is an essential things in our lives.


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30. and no one would have ever thought of this!

"What's another word for thesaurus?"

- Steven Wright.

hahaha..haha..haha... right at you man, i always know if i need another word for cranky, i could always use the thesaurus to look it up but hey! Mr Wright here must have nothing to do with his time to be able to come up with such an amazing question. or did he?

would anyone ever thought of asking this? i know i wont. it wont even pop in my mind.

one would sometime ponder the ability of one mind compared to another, i believe that is why working in a group is such a great idea. my thought would never be exactly the same as yours but then again, thanks to all those standard norms and society approved behavior we, at the end, could all come up to a consensus.

the mind is such a great thing, never, ever let it go to waste.


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29. One hell of a statement!

"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten."

- Gucci Slogan

hmmm...and why is it that no one in Proton dares to use such extravagant marketing statement in their media coverage?

yep, no need to wonder why, i guess everyone knows the answer. there's still a long way for our automotive industry to go but in recent years there seems to be changes and improvement and personally i do hope that one day, i would be able to say that i own a proton, with pride.


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28. to dream is to give life away (?)

"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.

-Paul Valery

nothing much needed to be said. a dream is a guide, a dream is a motivation, a dream provokes desire but if you do nothing to claims it, a dream is nothing but....*sigh* merely nothing....


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27. failure is an option!

"I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure--which is:Try to please everybody."

-Herbert Bayard Swope

huh! and that's what i've been trying to do all my life, but you mr herbert sir is saying that it's wrong? demmit! :P had to restructure my take on life i guess, but how then, should i just focus on pleasing myself? cause if i do, i'd be displeasing even the few friends i have around me or even my family....(thinking)... but no...no, no, no....you're right, no i'm not pleasing everybody, sorry your words shock me. now i'm calm enough to know that i'm not pleasing everyone. i always do my best to please everyone but the fact is i never did manage to. i am only able to please a few and i'm happy. fuh! that's a relieve. at least i'm pleased with myself for being able to balance my needs and everybody's need. i believe that i'm good enough to prioritize my life.

a lesson everyone.

though we always try to please everyone but the fact it we shall never be able to do so. so do the best we can while we can as long as we ourselves are please with it then i believe, as what mr herbert says, to be able to prevent failures. having success is a whole other issue.

yep, failure is optional. we may always choose the opposite.

cheer up everyone.


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26. You are not a good blogger! do not read!

"We do not what we ought, What we ought not, we do, And lean upon the thought That Chance will bring us through"

-Matthew Arnold

yeah! me... bad...I know, I know...my apologies bro Miezi ( http://marimerepek.blogspot.com/ ) i stole this words from your blog header. my bad....but...i cant help it...the words... were...so...inspiring...i felt obliged to share this with the world (or whoever drops by to my blog at least).

again, i extend my sincerest apologies.

*sigh*... mr Arnold, you sir highlight the very truth of the human psyche, defiant is within our subconscious nature. knowing this does hurt doesn't it? the how and the why, i cant really explains it. imagine this. you're wandering around in an unfamiliar room and then you stumbled upon a white button with a signs above it that says, "please do not push the button" . would you or wouldn't you push it? i know you would but come to think of it...i believe a majority of our modern knowledge are derived from someone's defiance. it was a fact long ago that this world are flat but someone just doesn't buy it and by denying it we found out of how wrong that fact has been.

interesting. indeed a very interesting words mr arnold. see how much it stirs my murky mind. all sorts of things are coming out hahah..*grin*


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25. ...and the winner is!

"The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing.

-Marcus Aurelius

yep! wrestling is well known since Rome's time and not just during Hulk Hogan's time, get your facts right.

but then relating it to life was a great expression of one's mind there o great emperor. you see it right. what primitive mind would say living is like dancing? even the great Mr Gump de Forest too says its more like a box of chocolate, surprises all around. life is rough, life means pain over triumphs and at times triumph over pain. life is about jumping from ropes, life is about slamming your elbow and life is about winning as well as losing, life is about getting kick in the stomach, falling down and gets up to fight again.

yep! this surpise me too...life is very much like wrestling. now i know why there's too much drama in todays wrestling shows on tv.

hmmm... and even now me missus is wrestling me muhuhahahaha...yep! life is a wrestling!


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