31. do i look like i care!? (ada aku pedulik!?)

"Failing to plan is planning to fail."

-Effie Jones

haha... ironically, i do!

i've heard this a thousand times but never had i have any idea of who's brilliant words it was. a wonder, how these 7 words clears the air. remove all hesitation, blunt and direct.

i've tried to google the image of Effie Jones but unfortunately it's such a common name and there's just a lot of Effies out there thus my apologies, i can't find the face of such a brilliant person.

if any of us knows who Effie exactly is, feel free to leave a comment, though the words itself is good enough to be shared but a little extra knowledge does no harm.

again, be reminded my friends. planing truly is an essential things in our lives.


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